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Japan Unix - Solder Meister 700 Series - 700FH



The world-best soldering robot for inline with an AC servo motor.
SOLDER MEISTER 700 Series, top-class model were developed in order to achieve soldering automation for mass production. It solves a variety of automated production issues with its flexible multi-axis joints. Various applications can also be additionable for automation and soldering problems. The series have achieved high speed, accuracy and quality, which are able to automate even difficult soldering application samples. Here is the ultimate soldering robot, which will solve your issues.

Supports massive production with fast circular motion

The 5-axis SCARA soldering robot for inline, UNIX-700FH features a fast maximum speed of 7,128 mm/sec with high repeatability, accuracy and rigidity. The 700FH features an adjustable stroke length of 350 mm, 450 mm, and 550 mm. This robot is suitable for the laser soldering and contact soldering which can be applied with various soldering module. The SCARA type soldering robot can satisfy the mass manufacturing with fast robotic motion

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Japan Unix - Solder Meister 700 Series - 700FH

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