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Quartet Mechanics - High Precision Wafer Placement 8 inch

High Precision Wafer Placement 8 inch
The same premium quality and precision, now available for 8" wafers. Ideal for inspection, metrology, or laser marking tools, with no backside contact to prevent contamination.
Optional features include top pick/place, fast-swap, and flipping.

50-0067-200SC Edge Grip End-Effector
- For 200mm Opaque/Transparent Wafer
- 3-Point Self-Centering, Spade Type
- SoftTouch Mechanism
- ±25μm/0.02° Repeatability (Identical Wafer Diameter Assumed)
- Optional Top Approach & Flipping

50-0201-B Edge Grip Aligner
- For 200mm Opaque/Transparent Wafer
- SoftTouch Mechanism
- ±25μm/0.02° Repeatability
- Maximum ±1.5mm Off-Center Displacement Allowed
- Optional Buffering for Fast Swap
- Drop-in Replace Brooks/PRI or Asyst

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