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AEHR Test Systems - FOX XP WaferPak Aligner

Automated Solution for Loading, Aligning and Unloading of Wafers

Loads and unloads wafers between FOUPs or cassettes and WaferPak contactors
Dual FOUP/cassette interface enables automated handling of up to 50 wafers
Handles and aligns up to 300 mm wafer sizes
May be used with a FOX-XP or FOX-15 System
Precision Wafer Handling and Pad to Probe Alignment
Optical alignment via multiple cameras assures correct wafer to probe alignment and placement in a WaferPak contactor

Production Proven Full-Wafer Burn-in & Test Solution

Based upon an industry-leading wafer prober platform
Optical bar code reading of FOUPs, Wafer IDs and WaferPak contactor IDs for error free operation and wafer traceability
May be integrated with a factory automated material handling systems

Integrated Solution with FOX-XP system

Enables automated selection of test program based on device / lot ID
Shares traceability of devices and test results with FOX-XP system

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