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- DiePak Loader

DiePak Loader
Automated Solution for Loading and Unloading Modules & Singulated Die

Loads and unloads devices between JEDEC trays and DiePak carriers
Handles: QFN, CSP, QFP, TSOP, BGA and EMMC devices
Contains JEDEC bin trays for device test sorting

Precision Socket Loading/Unloading

Precision alignment ensured with DiePak carrier specific alignment kit designed for handling device to socket alignment and placement in a DiePak carrier

Production Proven Full-Wafer Burn-in & Test Solution

Based upon an industry-leading pick and place handler design
Optical bar code reading of JEDEC tray, DiePak carrier and device IDs for error free operation and device traceability
Includes a DiePak Trolley for easy loading of DiePak carriers into the FOX-XP system

Integrated Solution with FOX-XP system

Enables automated selection of test program based on device/lot ID
Shares traceability of devices and test results with FOX-XP system

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