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AEHR Test Systems - ABTS

The Advanced Burn-In and Test System (ABTS) solution provides flexibility for the test / burn-in of packaged semiconductor devices. The solution consists of the ABTS system that provides power, stimulus, test and thermal management. It supports common Burn-in Boards (BIBs) that hold the Devices Under Test (DUT) and a wide range of BIB Loaders for automated loading / unloading DUTs to / from BIBs.

More DUTs per System
Larger BIBs – up to 610 mm x 610 mm
More BIBs – up to 72
More iSockets* (up to 64 per BIB) *iSocket is a trademark of Sensata Technologies

More Power – 650 W up to 1200 W per BIB

Better Chamber
More Power Dissipation – up to 36 KW
Better Airflow & Temperature Uniformity
Narrow and Wide Chamber options
Air and Water System Cooling options
Small System footprint, no side access required

More Flexibility –Better Loading, Better ROI
Up to 36 different programs can be run in the same system at the same time

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