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QES Mechatronic Sdn. Bhd. - WHS8000

WHS8000 is designed with 2 load ports and is upgradeable to 3. It is configurable to handle 300mm
wafer in FOUP or FOSB, and 200mm wafer in open cassette without conversion.

The optional OCR vision system will read the wafer ID and communicate with the host computer for its sorting destination.

Alternatively, there are other direct sorting methods which are programmable by the user. This machine uses Robotic arm to ensure fast and precise handling.

- For 8" & 12" Wafers

- Various sorting method and customization according to requirement.

- 2x FOUP ports, come with 8" open cassette adapter.

- Cassette Mapping function integrated.

- Wafer Notch Alignment module.

- IOSS OCR Reader.

- SECS/GEM interface for mapping & recipe file transfer host computer.

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QES Mechatronic Sdn. Bhd. - WHS8000

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