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ITS - Chuck Cleaning Wafer

CCW is a wafer constructed with an engineered surface geometry and tacky polymer film that is passed through wafer handling tools "tacky side down" to remove particles and debris via direct contact.

Meets appropriate SEMI Standards for all wafer diameters
Handled with existing hardware within wafer tools
Individual solutions are custom formulated to operate across -50C to 200C

Silicone Polymer material is a non-out-gassing proprietary material manufactured with controlled surface tackiness to collect and remove particles from wafer handling hardware, wafer tables, and wafer chucks.

100% solid and highly cross-linked
Variable and highly controlled surface adhesion
No residual transference during usage
Non out gassing across operating ranges

100 mm & 150 mm ASML Stepper
200 mm ASML PAS 5500 Stepper and Scanner
300 mm ASML TwinScan and Immersion Lines
200 mm Nikon S204 Stepper and Scanner
200 mm & 300 mm Canon Stepper and Scanner tools
300 mm Nikon Scanner

200 mm & 300 mm Applied Materials PVD Endura
200 mm Applied Materials PVD P5000
100 mm Trikon Aviza Sigma FXP PVD

200 mm and 300 mm Applied Materials Centura (Etch)
300 mm LAM Unity (Etch)
100 mm LAM 9600 Etcher
150 mm & 200 mm & 300 mm TEL (Etch)

Accretech/TSK Wafer Prober
SEMICS Wafer Prober
Electroglas Wafer Prober
ESI Lasercutter

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ITS - Chuck Cleaning Wafer

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