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Despite Corona, htt service has always had one goal:
superior support towards our customers, effective and efficient.

Whatever we can do, we do - even if direct contact is difficult these days. Moreover, we respect any safety regulations from customers and we imply our own safety rules! Other roadblocks and challenges exist – changing political situations, reduced flight- schedules, closed hotels...

...but, our target is the same: We will always support our customers best possible, on-site or remote, on phone or by email, in video calls or with newest documents!
Quick and easy!

HTT has taken appropriate actions to be operational in times of Corona and due to a much- focused Service Team, a customer oriented approach remains successful.

Meet our service team

Meet our Team

Thanks to all our dedicated Service employees, we will overcome also this crisis!

We are still offering flexible service solutions, like maintenance contracts, application- support, CE certifications... all to ensure stable operation at customer sites. Our range of services is diverse and besides our expertise and dedication, one thing is getting even more important in difficult times: Trust – customers trusting our capabilities.

Teaming-up with our customers in times of crisis is key for success, so let us pull together!

„Nobody knows when this crisis will be over, but I know for sure that our Service Team cannot wait to see all of you soon again!”

Toralf Schrimpf, VP SERVICE

We are hiring!


Our service division is an important product of the HTT Group and key to future success.
We provide our customers with outstanding services that reflect our commitment to operational excellence and market leadership.
Our flexible team, around 10 employees, is supporting our customer base out of Munich, but also from Dortmund and Dresden area.

This includes:

  • Customer inquiries of any kind
  • Installation and product introduction
  • System repair
  • Warranty coverage
  • Maintenance / calibration / certification / documentation
  • On-call services, phone support, escalations and complaint management
  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Product training: In-house and on-site customer training classes
  • Spare parts supply and consignment
  • Customized solutions and many other services

We want to win and maintain satisfied and pleased customers with high quality of service, fast response time and great competitiveness!

Spare parts hotline

For direct personal spare parts support you are welcome to call htt’s spare parts hotline

+49 89 546 785 77

Service hotline

For direct personal support, such as trouble shooting, maintenance or technical questions you are welcome to call htt‘s service hotline

+49 89 546 785 88

Service and support for all systems: surplus systems, system integration and spare parts for various systems.

In addition: CE & EMC – declaration of conformity

We support OEMs and end-users in all steps towards CE system compliance / EU conformability:

  • Security checks
  • EMC checks
  • Documentation

We also provide modifications to achieve CE compliancy. Our qualified CE specialists have done hundreds of modifications and CE certifications either in-house or at customer’s site, not only in Europe, but also in Asia or the US.

Call us for your demands!