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Htt - Tomorrow´s Technology Today

The privately held htt group was founded in 1988 in Munich. Under the mission statement "Reliability and a unique value for customers and Suppliers ", the focus of the htt group is to be a major supplier to the Semiconductor Industry by representing well-known leading manufacturers of systems and consumables, tools for Wafer Fab, Wafer Sort, Wafer Probe, Wafer Test, Final Test, Assembly and Backend.

Additionally, since 1992 the htt Dresden Probecards facility is designing, developing, producing high sophisticated Epoxy-Cantiler Probe Cards, as well as Probe Card Specials, Miniprober and the Dresden Service Center is providing Repairs to all kind of Standard and Advanced Probe Cards.

Htt’s full range includes Sales, Service, Repairs, Calibration, Maintenance, Application Support and CE-EMC Certifications. Htt is providing all the spare parts and consumables their customers need to keep their capital equipment running. This way htt want to make sure to cover all the needs of their customers at any stage of their purchasing - or production process.



htt represents the leading manufacturers for semiconductor equipment and materials.

3S Korea
AEHR Test Systems
Cyberoptics Semiconductor
Fancort Industries
htt Group
htt Probecard Division
Japan Unix
MarTek Prober
MPI - Probecards
MPI - Thermal
QES Mechatronic Sdn. Bhd.
Thermo Scientific ESD
TPS - Thermal Product Solutions


htt is proud of its memberships and certificates.

Semi Member
Semi Member
Silicon Saxony