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AEHR Test Systems - FOX-NP Full Wafer & Singulated Die / Module Test System

Compact Flexible Solution for High Throughput Reliability Verification and Test

Handles full wafer / panel / singulated die / module applications
Identifies failing logic/memory/photonic die before final package integration
High power thermal chuck dual Blade (slot) capability using WaferPak™ contactors or DiePak® carriers (for singulated die/modules)

Cost-Effective Solution for High Power Wafer/Die/Module Verification and Test

Configurable channel resources per Blade (slot): Universal Channel Modules, High Voltage Channel Modules or High Current Channel Modules
Up to 2,048 “Universal Channel” resources: (I/O / Clock / PPMU / DPS) per Blade with deep scan, pattern data and capture memory per channel for test of devices with BIST/DFT
Up to 1,024 high voltage (29 V) or high current (2 A) sources resources per Blade

Production Proven Full-Wafer Reliability Verification & Test Solution

Reduces test costs by functionally testing wafers / die / modules during reliability verification
Offers a total solution when configured with a WaferPak contactor / DiePak carrier and Wafer
Aligner / DiePak Loader
Protects devices with individual per channel over-current and over-voltage protection

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